How do I Redeem My Access Code?

To start, you will need to be invited to the course by your professor. Look for a course invite email or a link potentially on a syllabus. Follow the link or invitation to this screen where you will be asked to start by entering your email as shown below. Press Submit to move on to the next step.


You will then be prompted to create a new account. If you already have an account, once you input your email you will be prompted to sign in. Fill out all of the forms to correctly register, then click Submit.


The next screen will show your professor's course with the product(s) they have selected for the course. Click Pay Here to redeem your access code.


The first option you will see is to pay directly on our site using a credit card. Go to the top of the popup window and select Access Code. Input the code in the text box shown below using the exact format of your access code. The format should be: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx with no spaces.


Once you click "Continue", you will then have access to the materials of the course.


If you have questions not answered by this article, please reach out to Stukent Customer Support-  support@ or call us at 855 STU KENT




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