Student | How do I redeem my Access Code?



To start, you will need to be registered in your course with Stukent. Access codes are purchased through your school’s bookstore store or provided by your school directly to you. Once you are registered, you’ll select “Enter Access Code.” 


Here you will input the 16-digit access code you received. Keep in mind that these do need to be exact and lowercase. They usually appear in this format: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.

Once you click "Continue", you will then have access to the materials of the course.

  • If you are having trouble with your access code, you’ll want to check with your bookstore to make sure the materials for your access code are the same for your course. 
  • If you received a 14-day trial, you will need to reach out to our support team at to assist you with redeeming the access code. 




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