Instructor | How do I reset my student to the previous round?

The following is intended for instructors ONLY. If you are a student, please contact your instructor to reset your simulation round. 

If you would like to give your student(s) a second chance at the previous round in the simulation, please follow the instructions below. 

These actions cannot be undone.

  1. Login to the course. 
  2. Once you are in the instructor portal, you will see a “+” next to the name of each student. Here you will have the option to send the student back to the beginning of the previous round.

  3. Below will populate once you hit the return to previous round button. If you would like to remove the student’s work you can check the box “Also reset (student’s) work”. If not, do NOT check the box.


4. Repeat the previous steps if you are returning the student back more than one round. 

Important note: When moving a student back more than one round be aware that calculations and/or results will change based on the updated inputs. We strongly recommend removing work when moving a student back more than one round. 

Note: These instructions do NOT apply to our Classic simulations or Mimic Personal Finance simulations.


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