Personal Finance Simulation | How do I delete a student from my course in Personal Finance?

You will find when you attempt to remove a student from your course, you follow the red "delete account" button. This will prompt you to contact our Support team.


See below for the steps to have your student(s) removed from your course. 


  1. Email Stukent at a list of names/emails with the course title of students you would like removed from your course. Our team will remove your students from your course on the back end, which will allow you to remove the students from your side.
  2. Once our team has removed the students from the back end, you will see the image below when you click on "delete account" next to the students' name. Simply, click "delete" and the student will be removed.


Note: If you would like to transfer a student between your courses, take a look at this article: Does all student work move when transferring a student in MPF?.

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