How do I create a new course?

  1. Log into your Stukent account as an instructor via
  2. Click the blue "+ Add Course" button on the bottom left side.
  3. Input the following information
    • Your course name
    • Double check the school
    • Adjust your course start date
    • Adjust school type (Higher Education vs. High School)
    • Select payment type
      • Student Paid (purchasing through Stukent directly)
      • Bookstore/Access Code (students will purchase courseware through your school bookstore)
      • Program Paid (High Schools only)
  4. Pick the products you would like to use in your course! 
  5. Click "Save and Continue". (The price listed is the price your students will pay if you selected "Student Paid" or "Bookstore/Access Code")


If you have any additionals questions about course setup, please reach out to your designated Customer Success Manager. 

Note: We STRONGLY recommend creating a new course with each new section of students every semester. 


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