How do I add students to my course?

Step by step instructions:

  1. Log into Stukent as an instructor via
  2. Select the course you would like to add your students to.
  3. Navigate to the "Students" tab in the upper navigation bar. Here you will find the course invite link. Copy this link and send it to your students via email, add it to your course syllabus, or anyway that works best for you!


Once your students have click on the course invite link they will be directed the following page:


If a student already has a Stukent account, clicking submit will enroll them in the course.

If they do not have a Stukent account yet, the student will be directed to create an account (see info below). Remind your students to follow the password guidelines to properly create an account. 


A few things to remember:

  • Keep all course invite links separate as they are unique to each course.
  • All course invite links follow the same pattern: series of numbers and letters specific to the course)
  • If you have any additionals questions about course setup, please reach out to your designated Customer Success Manager. 
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