Instructor Portal - Student Results

  • Launch Mimic "X"
    • This takes you into the simulation and allows you to play through the simulation as if you are one of your students. 
  • Search Students
    • An easy way to find a specific student in your class!
  • Students
    • A list of all the students in your course. 
  • Scores (cumulative and individual rounds)
    • Scores are listed round by round and a total cumulative score for each student.
  • "+" - email addresses and reset rounds
    • Next to each student you will see a "+". This will button will show you the student's email address and give you the option to reset their simulation round
  • Percentage % and Points x/y
    • The ability to change the view of your students' scores to percentages or points.
  • Export CSV File
    • How to download your students grades to import into your LMS or other grading platforms. 
  • Show Legend
    • A brief overview of each simulation round including round number, title and points possible. 
  • Pencil icon
      • The pencil icon shows which round each student is currently working on. 
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