Instructor | How can I (the instructor) play through the simulation?

Upon logging in to the simulation as an instructor, click on "Launch Mimic Market Research" (this will say whichever simulation you have set up) in the upper right hand corner,. 


You will be able to move through the simulation as if you are one of your students, but there are a few features your students don't have that you do!

  1. Navigate to any round at any time by hovering over the round title and clicking on the desired round you would like to jump to.
  2. Replay rounds as many times as you would like. 
  3. Your results will only appear with the rest of your class if you select "Show results for unenrolled students" back on the student results tab. 


Note: These instructions do NOT apply to our Classic Simulations or Mimic Personal Finance simulations.

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