How Do I Improve My First Round Campaign?

Students frequently ask, how do I improve my first round campaign in the Mimic Pro simulation?

We start by figuring out where you are currently, and then we'll get to where you can improve.

Within Mimic Pro, at the Ad campaign decision, or the PPC Dashboard, you will see a tab called, Insights.

This tab gives you feedback on what you did and didn’t do well in the previous round.

Insights will help you learn why the decisions you made in the previous round were or were not successful. This information is based on the previous round and does not reflect changes made in this round.

Professional internet marketers don't have access to information like this but we provide it here to aid in the learning process. Using Insights, you can fine tune your ad and keyword strategy.

The dots you see in the tables here represent how well you did for the provided category.

  • Black: No data was provided. This will be because the ads were paused or weren't used by the simulation.
  • Green: Great work! You don't need to improve this item.
  • Yellow: Some improvement may be all that's needed to turn this item green.
  • Red: A big improvement made here will help you get the most out of your campaigns.

If you have questions about what each category means, hover over the help icon in the table headers for help.

Although green means no work is needed, you may still want to do what you can to improve those areas. Blast through that ceiling of success. Remember, you want to make the consumer path streamlined. Is there a place in the path you've created that doesn't fit well or is an obstacle for the consumer?

An example of this in the real-world is a shopkeeper setting up a large sign advertising fresh produce inside the store but places the sign in the way of the front door, blocking potential customers from entering and making a purchase.

Lastly, as a reminder you can click on each Ad in the Insights tab. Doing so will give you additional insights on your keywords as the following screenshot details.

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