How To Reset Your Password For: The Mimic Simulation

To reset your password for the Mimic Simulation please click on the link titled "Don't remember your password?" found on the login screen that you can see boxes in red in the following screenshot:


The Login Box will change to allow you to send a password reset email to yourself (see image below). Please make sure to enter the email address with which you registered for an account.

Once you have entered the email address with which you registered for an account in the Mimic Simulation the Password Reset box will change back to the Log In box with the following message added:

Please now navigate to your email account and where you will find the password reset email.

Please note it could take a couple of minutes for it to show up in your email account.

Additionally please make sure to check the Social, Promotions and Updates Inboxes as well as your Primary Inbox and don't forget to check your Spam inbox as it could have been filtered there.

Finally if you have waited and still can not find the email please check that you are spelling the email address correctly and then resend the password reset email.

The Password Reset Email should look similar to the following image:

Once you have received and found the email please follow the instructions inside:

When you click on the link that says "click here" it will take you to a webpage (see below for example) through which you can reset your account password:

After you have confirmed your new password and the webpage informs you that everything was successful you will have reset your password. Congratulations and good luck! 

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