I Cannot Login To Library

As a precaution we have updated our security. As a result of the new security standards we have asked all users to please reset their passwords. Some users will find that they will not be able to login. Usually this just requires you to reset your password. However there is a possibility that a user's email has not finished registering in our security database. 


To remedy this error as quickly as possible, please contact Customer Support: 

email: support@stukent.com

phone: (855) STU-KENT or (855) 788-5368


Once our Customer Support team has expedited your entry into our security database, you will want to click 'don't remember your password?' on the login page. This link will send a password reset email to the email you registered with. 


Once you have reset your password and cleared your browser cache, you will be able to login. 


On the odd occasion that the problem persists, feel free to contact our Customer Support team.

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