How Do I Register For Library?

The website for our Mimic simulation and Library is (

In order to register for Library or Mimic, you will first need to receive an invitation link from your instructor. This link my be sent via email and come from, or it may be sent directly from your professor via personal email, syllabi, etc. 

Once you have created your account and logged in, you will be prompted to buy the textbook/simulation that your professor has asked you to buy. If you have purchased an access code/license key from the bookstore, then you can use that when it asks you to buy the textbook.  

Note: We recommend registering with your school email. 

Password Requirements:

  • A Total of Ten Characters in Length
  • Contain at Least One Uppercase Character
  • Contain at Least One Lowercase Character
  • Contain at Least One Number
  • Contain at Least One Special Character

An example of a password that would satisfy the above requirements is: StukentRocks7!


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