I don't see a save button after I write my email content

When creating an email campaign, you are required to "save" your written email content before you can begin editing other sections in the email campaign. However, the save button does not always appear for everyone. This usually happens when users are playing the simulation on the browser, Google Chrome and have downloaded/use chrome extensions. 

Not all extensions cause this to happen. The extension, Grammarly, is often the culprit. If you use Grammarly or have several Chrome extensions on your browser then that is most likely the reason why you are not getting the "save" button.

Here is how to fix it. 

1. Play the simulation in an incognito browser. 

2. Play the simulation in a different browser like, Firefox Mozilla. 

If one of those two options do not fix the problem then please email us support@stukent.com and we will take care of you. 


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