Playing as a Team in Mimic Pro

To play as a team in Mimic Pro, it helps to completely understand how the team feature works. Here are a few things that you need to know. 

  • Round 1 for Mimic Pro is done individually by each student. Even though you are playing as a team, round 1 is still completed individually.
  • In order to advance to round 2 as a team, each member of the team must complete round 1. Read this article to get the details of how to advance to round 2 as a team.
  • Once you are in round 2 you are now making decisions as a team and not individually. 
  • In rounds 2-10, only one member of the team needs to submit the rounds decisions to advance to the next round. It doesn't matter which team member does it, but only one person needs to do it.
  • Everyone on a team can be logged in at the same time. However, when working on the simulation at the same time, they cannot be working on the exact same thing. Meaning, two team members cannot be editing the same email campaign or ad campaign at the same time. One team member could be editing ad text, while the other is optimizing ad bids, but they can’t do the exact same task at the same time or the inputs will not be registered. 
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