How to Delete or Pause Keywords and Reassign Them to a New Ad Group

Because you can only have a keyword in one ad group at a time, you may want to remove a specific keyword from one ad group and move it into another ad group. 

Deleting or Pausing Keywords

  1. Go to your Pay Per Click Dashboard/Ad Campaigns Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Keywords tab.
  3. Check mark the keywords that you want to delete or Pause.Screen_Shot_2017-07-12_at_11.21.26_AM.png
  4. Click on the Actions drop down menu and select Remove to delete and pause to pause. Screen_Shot_2017-07-12_at_11.22.04_AM.png

Reassigning the Deleted Keywords to a New Ad Group

Once you have deleted the keyword you can now assign it to a new ad group by clicking on the red + Add Keywords button from that same Keywords tab. 


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