How to Delete or Pause Keywords and Reassign Them to a New Ad Group

Because you can only have a keyword in one ad group at a time, you may find instances where you want to remove a specific keyword from one ad group and move it into another ad group. 

Deleting or Pausing Keywords

  1. Go to your Pay Per Click Dashboard/Ad Campaigns Dashboard. This can be done by selecting the Ad Campaigns in the Jump To menu found at the top of the page in Mimic Pro.
  2. Navigate to the Keywords tab.
  3. Check mark the keyword(s) that you want to delete or Pause.
  4. Click on the Actions drop down menu and select Remove to delete; Pause to pause.

Reassigning the Deleted Keywords to a New Ad Group

Once you have deleted the keyword you can now assign it to a new ad group by clicking on the red + Add Keywords button from that same Keywords tab. 

Then, select the desired Ad Group, and search for the keyword.

 You can now add the keyword to that specified ad group.

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