Highlight Feature in Edify Not Working?

Among the many tools and resources the e-textbooks have to offer, the highlighting function is a great way to save key phrases for easy review later. By simply click and dragging over the desired text, the highlight tool is able to highlight everything in the book with the exception of images.

Those who experienced the old Library platform that had limited use of highlight (only basic text) will be delighted to see this improvement in the new Edify platform.

If you are unsuccessful to highlight text and despite refreshing the page or logging out and back in, it may be that the browser or computer is not up-to-date on the necessary processing power.

Edify's best functions with all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge) at the most current update. If you are using Internet Explorer

If issues with the highlight feature persist, please reach out to support@stukent.com and an agent will address your concerns in a timely manner.

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