Why did I not Receive my Email from Stukent?

If you forgot your password or find that your log in credentials are not working, you may request a password reset email be sent to you. If you have done this and not yet received the email after several minutes (can take up to ten minutes to process), please go through the following steps to locate it.

First, have you used your course invite link to register yet? If not, please ask your instructor for your course invite link. That link will allow you to register for their Stukent course and create a login. 

If you have already created an account, please review the questions below.

Does the email address match the account? There could be a chance you are trying to log in with an email that is not the same as the address input at registration. If you send a password request for an email address that is not associated with your account, the email will not be sent to your address. If you are unsure what email you used when you registered, please reach out to support@stukent.com for assistance. 

There is a chance your email may have filtered the password reset email to your junk/spam folder instead of your email inbox. Please check the junk/spam folder for missing mail from Stukent. You should have received an email from no-reply@stukent.com.

NOTE: Pressing "reset password" multiple times within seconds triggers a security lock and will require assistance from the Support team.

Still having issues logging in? Please contact us at support@stukent.com and a representative will assist you.



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