Beta Mimic Pro & Social - FAQ

What does “beta” mean?

“Beta” versions of Stukent simulations have gone through alpha testing in-house and are generally close in look, feel, and function to the final product. A beta version is released so that a large group of users can try the simulation under real circumstances and ensure it meets their needs and expectations. Design changes and scoring adjustments often occur as a result of feedback obtained during beta use. Students and instructors may experience minor technical difficulties while using a beta product. However, Stukent works hard to ensure a seamless experience for you and your students while using any beta product.

How long will the beta versions of Mimic Pro and Mimic Social be available?

Beta versions are our new versions of the simulations. However, the classic versions of  Mimic Pro and Mimic Social will be available until June 25, 2022. 

How do I add the new beta version to my class?

Since we recommend using our classic and beta versions together, the beta version will need to be added on the backend. Please create your course(s) using the classic versions (How do I create a new course?). Once you have done this, please contact your customer success manager OR our Virtual TA team.

How should I use the beta version in my course?

The beta versions are designed to to be used alongside the classic version of Mimic Social or Mimic Pro for participation points only. As you can imagine, scoring and grading algorithms for our simulations are very robust, and the beta versions are still being perfected to ensure accurate information and a great experience for you and your students.

If both versions are being used for a class, we STRONGLY encourage you to add staggered start dates to each version so students know which one to play through first.

Where can I find the instructor guide for the beta versions?

We are currently in the process of finalizing the Mimic Pro - beta and Mimic Social - beta instructor guides. They will be very detailed and a great resource for you when using the simulation as a part of your class! We will notify you once the instructor guides are completed.

How much do the beta versions cost?

The beta version of Mimic Pro or Mimic Social is free when you buy the classic version.  Instructors who have purchased Mimic Pro or Mimic Social can request to add the beta version to their class at no extra charge. However, if you want to use ONLY the beta version of either simulation, it will be $59.99.

What are the ISBNs for the beta versions?

The ISBN for the beta versions are the same as the classic versions. When the classic versions of Mimic Pro and Mimic Social are discontinued, the ISBN will remain the same for the new (beta) versions. At this point, they will no longer be the beta versions but the new, finalized versions of the simulations.  

Please contact your Customer Success Manager ( or our Virtual TA team ( or 855-788-5368) for any further questions.

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