How to "Act As" your students

The “Act As” feature allows instructors to review the progress of a student across Stukent products and to validate student interactions.

When "Acting As" your student, remember you are inside the students account and any actions you take within their account CANNOT be reversed.

  1. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Select the “Act As” 
  3. Select a student from the list by course or all courses to be able to Act As any enrolled student in your current active courses.
  4. When acting as a user a surrounding blue border is displayed to remind you that the user is Acting As another system user. 
  5. To stop the Act As feature users can click the name of the user that is being acted as at the top center of the surrounding border, or by clicking the “Stop Acting As <student name>” button in the user profile menu.
    (The Act As functionality will stop acting as a user automatically 30 minutes after a user started using the feature on any user.)


Note: You can only Act As students that are enrolled in your courses.



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