Digital Marketing Simternship | How Do I Create Display Ads?

Creating Display Ad Campaigns


  1. Click the Campaign tab on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Select "+Add Campaign"
  3. In the drop down, select “Display Ad" in the Campaign Type
  4. Create your Campaign

    1. Select Campaign Goal
    2. Enter the Campaign Name and daily budget
    3. Add CPC
    4. Select Audience Options
    5. Click "continue"

  5. Create your Ad Group

    1. Enter the Ad Group name (does not affect performance)
    2. Insert your default CPC 
    3. Click "continue"

  6. Create your Display Ad

    1. Add a Long Headline
    2. Add Short Headlines
    3. Add multiple Descriptions for your Display Ad.
    4. Add Business Name
    5. Select Product Images
    6. Click “continue”


Tips & Tricks:

  • Adding Content to your Display Ad is essential in getting higher conversions, cost, etc. 
  • One of the main things they need to be careful of is grammar and spelling. The simulation will penalize heavily for these mistakes.

While the Virtual TA team is happy to assist with technical support, we are not marketing experts. Generally, questions about best practices with Mimic Pro-New should be directed back to your course Instructor for best guidance.

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