Digital Marketing Simternship | What Should I Bid?

As a general practice, you want your bids to be within 5-25% of the suggested bid amount. If the keyword has high competition, you will want to bid to the higher end, and if there is low competition you can go close to the suggested bid amount.  The goal is to get a high volume of traffic.

Written Instructions:

  1. When creating a Search Ad, you will need to select Keywords after creating an Ad Group.
  2. Keywords live at the ad group level, so all keywords in an ad group will be associated with all ads in that ad group.
  3. Whether or not your ad is shown for a particular search largely depends on the keywords you select. For example, if you have a keyword that consistently gives poor results or 0s, that can mean that your audience isn’t searching for something like your product using that keyword. In this case, it might be good to try a different keyword and see if that gets results
  4. Make your selection and add the keywords.
  5. You have the ability to edit, delete or pause a keyword.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Please pay attention to the competition and suggested bid of the keyword.
  • There is a possibility to bid too high or too low but staying close to the suggested bid of the keyword will be beneficial.
  • Selecting Keywords that are associated with your Landing Page and target audiences will allow more metrics.


While the Virtual TA team is happy to assist with technical support, we are not marketing experts. Generally, questions about best practices with Mimic Pro-New should be directed back to your course Instructor for best guidance.

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